I should start with saying that if you met me on the street, "fashion designer" is probably the last category you would file me into; jeans, a relaxed tee, and probably some animal crackers stuck to my hair. But occasionally I wear a fun dress, and when I do it never fails that my oldest girl is asking for one JUST like it. Character clothing doesn't hold her heart, fluffy pink things don't really grab her affection, and to be honest I'm fine without either. So here I am, making clothes for kids that reflect my own person style, or rather, what I tell myself my personal style is (not jeans and tees ha!). Some might call it projection, but to me kids are people just like the rest of us, why dress them differently? I'm here to make real clothes, in some really small (and adorable) sizes. 


hugs to all of you,


owner, designer